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AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum

The exhibition and forum has been held since 2006,it was prior professional exhibition and forum in domestic asiasolar PV industry .Several hundrand famous enterprises worldwide have been attracted to take part in the exhibition every year,with professional,international and good service,and tens of thousands professional persons have been attracted to visit and purchase, the forum is widely popular with its high specifications, have been attracted nearly a thousand people to participate it each year, the exhibition has a certain popularity at the international. With the world\'s attention to new energy sources including solar photovoltaic industry,its prospects is broad.
October 12-13,2019     Hangzhou International Expo Center(G20 Pavilion)

China Solar Power Generation Tracking Technology Seminar

The conference was founded in 2016.As is known to all,in the US,Germany and other earlier,more solar power applications countries,tracking system applications have been more common,technology is also relatively mature.In recent years, domestic solar power is also large-scale start,the related enterprises tracking technology and products continue to mature through the introduction of foreign advanced technology products and partners and independent research and development,more reasonable structure, greatly enhanced stability.Meanwhile,combined with high efficiency components, inverters,and tend towards intelligent development.As the govenment continue to cut subsidies for photovoltaic,will gradually withdraw from the subsidy mechanism,achieve parity internet,therefore,PV enterprises are actively working to optimize the cost of generating systems through technological innovation,in order to reduce the cost of power generation,tracking system can obviously improve power generation,quickly reduce power generation cost.
October 13,2019     Hangzhou International Expo Center(G20 Pavilion)

China Industrial & Commercial and Household PV Brand Tour Exhibition

To help brand promotion of industrial & commercial and household photovoltaic enterprises, cultivate the main market jointly, prevent bad money from driving good money,and promote healthy and sustainable development of industrial & commercial and household photovoltaic market,and implement the purpose of the Alliance, China Industrial & Commercial and Household PV Brand Alliance has formulated a nationwide touring plan based on market demand. Plans have been in Zhejiang,Guangdong,Hebei,Henan,Shandong and other policy awesome places,carrying out extensive publicity with local government departments,industry associations, media cooperation one after another, and then gradually spread to the whole country,help the enterprises to form a strong, all-covering national influence brand.
April 25-26, 2019     Classical Plaza Hotel,Foshan,China