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Shanghai Ailing Exhibition Co., Ltd.was founded in 2013, Shanghai Aizhan Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006, mainly engaged in energy industry’s plan and operation of international exhibitions, conferences, and forums,meanwhile,provides consulting and information services for energy industry enterprises from home and abroad,has already provided its professional services for almost 5000 companies from around the world. With more than 40 employees, are mainly professional persons who engaged in the energy industry for many years and international talents of conference planning,it is a professional team with rich experience in the industry,willing to make a modest force for the development of energy industry . PGO secretariat location in AiExpo company.

Photovoltaic Green-ecosystem Organization (PGO) , it was social organization of Photovoltaic industry enterprises spontaneously established with qualified as a legal person, to be under the leadership of China Society of Inspection and Testing. Established in 2013 by a number of Chinese state-owned enterprises such as China Merchants' New Energy Company, a subsidiary of the China Merchants Bureau Group, on the principle of promoting the mutual benefit and win-win situation of the member units, establishing the sharing mechanism , through the sharing of resources, complementary advantages, pragmatic cooperation, set up an industry benchmark to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's photovoltaic industry ecosphere.

The organizational members are mainly state-owned enterprises, listed companies, foreign-funded joint ventures and large private enterprises, including photovoltaic manufacturing, photovoltaic power plant investment, design and construction, operation and maintenance and certification, financial leasing and other well-known industry chain enterprises, representing the backbone of the photovoltaic industry in China.The most successful contribution has been to work with the United Nations Development Programme on the “Panda Photovoltaic Power Station”project, also listed as China's national "Belt and Road" key project, and strive to build 100 "panda photovoltaic power stations" in the world within five years. The first 50MW building has been built in Datong, China, and the second phase of 50MW is under construction, the second 60MW building has been built in Guangxi, the third 20MW building has been built in Tibet, then the Philippines, Canada, the Middle East, and so on, started planning and building.